Attract Top Talent With Storytelling Videos

What makes a story so powerful.

A good story inspires and motivates. It engages our curiosity, our emotions, and our imagination. While listening to a story you become involved with the storyteller both in your mind and in your heart.
Stories provide authenticity and build trust with the listening audience.
It's because of this trust factor, that when someone from your business tells a friend a story about what it's like working at your shop they become interested and naturally want to learn more. 

Personal references are the best way to attract top talent. But your team members can't be everywhere and it's not their job to do you recruiting. 
Two men talking about what its like to work at  your shop

How does video help?

What if there was a way to broaden the reach of those stories. What if you can show every prospective employee what it's like to work at your shop. What if you can let them hear directly from your team about why they love going to work every day and why they love working with you.  

What if they could learn for themselves about your company’s culture and see the actual working environment in motion. 
When it comes to making the decision between applying for a career at your shop or at your competitor, what would tip you one way or the other? 
Professionally edited and produced video tells your shop’s unique story in a way that attracts the attention of the kind of people that you want to work in your business because they become interested in the culture and people they see on screen. 

With video like this on your careers page, your new team members will stop and take the time to get to know you and the rest of your team. They will begin to build an emotional bond with the people they see in your shop in a way that makes them want to be part of that team too. 

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Watch this video and learn why the team at Fine Tuned Auto loves going to work everyday and what its like at their shop. 

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