Documentary Style Video
Documentary-Style Video
What It Is and Why You Need It
Documentary-Style Video

What It Is and Why You Need it

It’s old news that video is the undisputed King of content marketing. But in an online world where the moving image increasingly dominates, how can any business cut through the visual clutter and stand out from the crowd? 

We've all heard the "Shorter is better" mantra for video content marketing. However, documentary-style videos are an engaging and immersive way to drive conversions. And for a business to tell an authentic story about what makes them unique, the longer format of documentaries gives you room to do that and more.

Storytelling and video combined naturally lend themselves to this method of communicating brand identity.  This new type of short documentary video is known as the Mini-Doc. 

Attract and Engage
Your Perfect Customer

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90% of consumers claim that they were influenced by a brand’s video presence when making a purchasing decision
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